edge painted business card

What are Edge Painted business cards?

Available as part of our luxury Individual range; edge painting (in ink) and edge painting (in foil, as shown in the images on this page) is a popular trend particularly this year, and regardless of how “subtle” or minimal the rest of your business card or design is, it can really help a business card to “pop” and to stand out with an exciting coloured edge. Available in a wide choice of colours – including metallics like gold, silver and copper; as well as non-metallic paint in a wide range of shades – our edge painting is done completely by hand by our specialists, which is a craft in itself. This option can transform any business card, to ensure maximum impact.

Additional options which complement our Edge Painted business cards

edge painted business card

Working well with either a “traditional” colour palette like white card and gold foil, or black card and silver foil – as well as more contemporary/modern options like coloured cards and non-metallic coloured foils – edge painting can really add an extra dimension to your business card – particularly when showing in profile view when on a stack at an event, meeting or even just on your desk! – and this seemingly small addition can help transform and complete even the most otherwise subtle design. Edge painting is a completely bespoke and relatively expensive option, which further improves the value as edge painting on business cards in general is rare; so this will help you to create a special and memorable business card, to make sure your business card does its job for you. We also have the option of edge painting part of your order, perhaps reserved for select high profile clients or particular special events, which can be a cost-effective option to get the most value.

When combined with our other options such as letterpress foiling, debossing and die-cutting; edge painting can help to tie in the other elements of your chosen options and design, to further enhance the image of your card.

Check out our ‘Individual’ Luxury Business Cards page for more options.

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