First Impressions Count

Posted by on Apr 15, 2015 in Business and Marketing

First Impressions Count in Business

The quality of your business card says a lot about you and your business

As the saying goes, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. It’s a cliche, but it’s true. And in the business world, with so many others trying to get the same piece of the pie as you, it’s those first impressions that really do count, often making the difference between failure or success. Your business deserves the best chance of success, so let your business card help and not hinder you.

We’re sometimes asked questions like:

  • “Why do I need high quality business cards?”
  • “What difference will it make to my business?”
  • “Will I ever get a return on the investment?”

To begin with, we’d like to put a question back to you:

“Does the quality of your business card really represent the quality of your business?”

Even in today’s digitally-driven world, business cards are still hugely popular, and are used by virtually every business. They’re still considered a vital part of a business’s marketing arsenal: as well as simply providing a potential client with your contact details, they do much more. The quality of your business card says a lot about what a client can expect from your business, what you stand for and the type and quality of the products and services you offer, and being the only item a client will have of your business, the quality and image of your business card can very easily make all the difference when a client is deciding which business to go with.


Stand out from the crowd


Does YOUR business STAND OUT from the crowd?

A special, high quality business card shows your clients that you’re serious about yourself and your business, and it can indicate to them what they can expect from the quality of your products and services. When they’re comparing your business card with the multitude of other business cards they’ve accumulated, you want yours to stand out to them. They’ll likely have a variety of inexpensive business cards that have been handed to them, as well as perhaps some higher quality ones from a select few. Compared with the inexpensive ones, you want yours to stand out head-and-shoulders above them. And for the higher quality ones – these are your true competitors, and at the very least, you want to be able to compete with them. But even better, you want to be able to stand out from these as well.

silent salesman holding business card

Don’t forget – while you’re not there with every one of your potential clients all the time, your business card very well could be. And if it’s a high quality business card, it’s even more likely to be there with more of your clients, and to be held onto, examined, and shared. While you’re absent, your business card is still there working for you as a silent salesperson, selling your products and services for you, portraying your business image and telling your clients what your business is about, and persuading customers that your business is the one to go with – when you’re not there. To give your business the best chance of success, deploy your very best ‘salesperson’ for this job, by using a high quality business card to help you to stand out above the others.

Will you ever get a return on your investment in high quality business cards?

While we can’t give you a guarantee on this one, we can say that using a special business card which makes you stand out from your competitors can mean that…

  • more clients pick up your business card (either in isolation or if it’s in competition with others), resulting in an increase in potential future business
  • more clients then choose to hold onto, share, and remember your business card, resulting in an increase in potential future business
  • the clients you do attract are higher value clients who will feel more comfortable, confident and encouraged to spend more money with you, due to the authority, trust and professional image your business card conveys

These three points alone could easily mean that the extra investment you’ve made in your business cards could be quickly recovered – and many times over! Perhaps you can’t afford NOT to be using some high quality business cards for your business!


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