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The “Ultimate Business Card”. Individual and luxurious

Our bespoke Individual business cards are our finest quality, luxury range of exclusive business cards. These business cards are our speciality, and we put a lot of care and time into producing them to the very highest standards; with exciting, unique options available to help your business stand out and convey its quality to potential clients through your business card.

Amongst the very best business cards available in the UK – and available with or without our design & artwork service – our Individual range is produced on the highest quality, ultra-thick, naturally-textured matt card; with a wide range of bespoke options available (including letterpress foiling and debossing) for businesses looking to stand out and attract high-value clients with something really special and unique. The possibilities are almost endless – please see below for just a selection of the available options.

We want you to be proud of your business card, and the image it provides of your business!


The benefits of using a high quality business card are very well-documented and aplenty, including: immediately conveying your business’s quality and seriousness to your potential client, making your business stand out and be remembered and shared over others, inspiring trust and encouraging future contact, and much more. Please have a look at our “Why UBC?” pages for more insight.

There are genuinely very few – if any – companies in the UK offering comparable business cards to our luxury Individual range. Despite on-paper spec appearing similar between companies, it’s been our honest experience that the end product you’ll receive is often very different. We aim to price ourselves very competitively for the quality that we offer, and – while our primary aim is to produce products of the very highest quality, and not the ‘cheapest’; backed up by our acclaimed personal customer service – we know that budget and value are important to any business as well, so always aim to price ourselves competitively, and offer expectational value. So, if pricing from a different company is significantly ‘cheaper’ than ours – despite claims to the contrary – there’s usually a reason!

We produce business cards of the very highest quality, for clients striving for the best; and we hope we can help you to create your “Ultimate Business Card”!

OPTIONS include…

Embossing and Debossing

Embossed and DebossedOur foiling (see below) usually results in an attractive letterpress-style indentation where the content is slightly pressed into the card, giving an exclusive feel to your business cards. But for an even more extreme and different effect, why not try blind debossing/embossing? This is when the content is pressed into the card without any foil – resulting in a much deeper impression, and a very striking effect!

Letterpress Foil

Letterpress FoilA foil of your choice is heated up and pressed into the card (letterpress foil). Available in a wide choice of colours – including metallics like gold foil, silver foil, copper foil, red, blue and a number of other colours; and opaque non-metallic solid colours like black, white, grey and a wide range of colours – this gives a unique, high-end sophisticated look to your business cards.

Edge Painting

Edge PaintedWe also offer edge painting & edge foiling in a number of colours, which is done by hand and can help add that special finishing touch which can make all the difference; as well as die-cutting and other special features.

Die Cutting
die cut shaped business card

We can die-cut your business cards into (almost!) any shape you like. Perhaps you’d like your business card in the shape of a flower if you’re a florist; or a camera outline for a photographer; or just your logo or another shape out of the card itself, this can be a great way to make sure that your business is remembered and talked about, long after the “hand-over”!

Square Business Cards
square shaped business card

Square business cards are a current trend right now. Still being compact enough to fit into a standard wallet, but instantly having that “wow-factor” and being unique, square business cards can be a good way to make your business stand out, showing that you’re anything but “standard”!

Other Options & Pricing

We’re specialists in bespoke business cards, and can cater to most needs – however extreme they may seem! We’re very flexible and take on completely “bespoke” orders all the time. Our bespoke ‘Individual’ range is priced per order – with prices starting at a competitive £195 – so please contact us for a competitive custom quote, including any of the above options.

Or, if you don’t see any options or examples that you like on our website or you’d like to discuss some different options to make your business card even more special and unique, just call or email us, and we’ll be pleased to provide advice and recommendations for your specific business, to make sure you get the most from your investment.


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Payment for Individual orders can be made pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal, after you’ve received your custom quote via email. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to pay for your order by bank transfer – or you have any special requirements or queries that you’d like to discuss with us before you order – please contact us

Turnaround & delivery
Our standard UK delivery time on Individual business cards is a minimum of  7 working days from final artwork approval, due to the bespoke nature of production, and the processes involved; though this can be considerably more, depending on the options you’ve chosen, and our current workload. However, if you have any special requirements with regards to delivery, then please do contact us and we’ll do all we can to help

Artwork & design
We offer a design & artwork service on our Individual business card orders. This service can include a simple amendment service, e.g. changing contact details, colours, or adding in new content like a new logo or graphic etc., using your previous artwork. We also offer a full artwork service, if required – please contact us for more details and pricing. You can also provide us with your own vectorised production-ready artwork if you’d prefer (please email this to us after you order). Please have a look at our business card design page for more information

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