Ultimate Business Cards, Ubc and the Ubc logo are trading names/styles of Aardwolf Creative (UK) Limited. Registered in England & Wales with company no.: 10933900. Registered address: Bishop Thornton, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG3 3JY • VAT reg. no.: 275835172


1. “We”/”Us”/”Ultimate Business Cards”/”Ubc” refers to Aardwolf Creative (UK) Limited.
2. “You” refers to the purchaser of our products and/or services.
3. E.&O.E.: All errors and omissions excepted.



4. Once payment has been received by cleared: cheque, BACS/CHAPS/Faster Payment, PayPal or debit/credit card, we will usually e-mail you a proof (where necessary) for your approval within 1-2 working days (additional time may sometimes be required). Once this is approved, your business cards will be sent to production, and will usually be despatched within 5-6 working days (Premium business cards on standard turnaround) or 7-10 working days for Individual business cards (for in-stock options, or +<7 working days for special order options). In the unlikely event of a delay, we will inform you at the earliest opportunity, and will make every effort to rectify any issue(s) wherever possible. Please note that all delivery times are provided as estimates in good faith only, and are not guaranteed in any way. Please note that Ultimate Business Cards/Aardwolf Creative (UK) Limited will not be held responsible – financially or otherwise – for any issues that arise due to (but not limited to): the delivery, delayed delivery, mis-delivery (including, but not limited to, the delivery of incorrect product(s)), or non-delivery of any of our products and/or services. Please note that refunds (full or partial) are not available on any of our products – for delivery issues or otherwise – due to their custom nature. This is in compliance with the necessary regulations.


Payment and refunds/returns/reprints

5. Payment of an order assumes acceptance of these Terms & Conditions, which are also available in writing by request.

6. Once received and paid for – and once any work (including design/artwork or the procurement of any specific materials/plates etc. for your order) has begun to be undertaken – orders cannot be cancelled, but may be able to be changed for different products or quantities, depending on the current stage of production, and at our discretion. Please contact us if you have a problem or query.

7. As we create and provide personalised, customised products, and mostly to businesses (including sole-traders); in compliance with the necessary regulations, we regret that we cannot provide a refund or return on any order under any circumstances. However, as a professional, caring business, in the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with your product(s) – including e.g. a damaged item, a production issue – we will make every effort to rectify any genuine issue(s) where possible, which may include re-printing, at our discretion. This excludes issues that arise due to production limitations, and/or issues that arise from artwork that has not been wholly created by us. Please note: if you feel there is an issue with your delivered order: we MUST be notified (in writing) of this within 5 working days of delivery, the entire order MUST be kept in the condition it was delivered in, and the entire order MUST be carefully retained, until we state otherwise. Any reasonable requests by us to you, to facilitate our handling of the issue, must also be accommodated. Failure to comply with these reasonable instructions may unfortunately mean your request is denied.



If we – at our discretion – do offer a full or partial refund of your order for any reason, please note that this will be made to the original payment method, and will be processed usually within 30 days of our refund offer.



8. “Free artwork” is applicable only to basic artwork creation (at our discretion), or formatting and/or amendments to provided suitable and editable artwork (at our discretion). Our full design service may be available for an additional charge (please enquire).


Please note: additional proofs required for a) any author’s amendments (please contact us for clarification on what would constitute an “author’s amendment”, if you’re not sure, b) proof limit being exceeded (2 for complimentary artwork/3

for paid artwork services), or c) additional amendments requested after approval (if this is possible), are charged @ £4+vat for paid artwork, or £8+vat for complimentary artwork, per additional proof.

Please be advised that it is your responsibility to provide us with any logos/images etc. in a format that is suitable for our printing methods (at our discretion). This means that the files you send us need to be of suitable size, resolution and format, for the methods being used to produce your specific products. If you’re in any doubt as to the suitability of the content you’d like to include on your business cards, please be sure to discuss this with us before placing your order, as we regret that we’re unable to cancel and/or refund (partially or fully) any orders due to this reason. If requested, we will advise you of the best solution wherever possible, and we also offer a simple logo/graphic re-creation service for a one-off fee, starting at a cost of £20 (ex. vat), if we need to recreate your logo/graphic to make it of suitable quality. We will of course consult you before undertaking this work, and – if requested at the time – the logo file(s) will then be yours to use in the future.

9. Any artwork that we create, or work on – either partially or wholly – for you – using our full or free design/artwork services – will be kept on file for any future orders you place with us. Artwork you ask us to produce for you (using our full or free design/artwork services) is solely for the purpose of the use on your specific related order, and payment for artwork is for this work only, and is not – for instance – for the export/creation of artwork for potential third-party use (including – but not limited to – the emailing of the artwork [editable or otherwise] to the client, as it is solely for our use on that specific order). ‘Artwork release’ (in vector format where possible) to third parties (and/or the client) may be possible for a fee (at our descretion), please enquire. If you wish us to create or work on artwork for a reason other than only for use on your specific order with us, please make this clear before ordering (by email), as this may affect the artwork/design quote provided. After said paid ‘artwork release’, full copyright in the design (if applicable) and/or copyright in the compilation of the artwork (if applicable), will then also be handed over to you. Please note that the copyright in any artwork created and/or assisted by us (full or partial) remains the full and/or partial property (as appropriate) of Aardwolf Creative (UK) Limited, unless copyright has specifically been transferred by paying our artwork-release fee, or by an explicit written request and agreement, before ordering.

10. If we are creating artwork for you, please take extra care before approving any proofs sent to you. After our proof is accepted, by e-mail or otherwise, we can take no further responsibility for its contents, including, but not limited to: typographical errors. Once approved, we are also unable to make any further alterations before going to print. Please note: colours may differ from screen to print, and sizes of any content (including – but not limited to – contact details, logos, etc.) may be enlarged in your provided proof, for ease of reading. If you require a print-sized proof – for you to check any e.g. type or logo sizes on your printer, at the target size, before you approve – please explicitly request this at time of order. We would always recommend printing any proofs to check text and content sizes and layout – at the correct size of 85x55mm.


Artwork specifics/colours (including printing colours and reproduction)

11. If you wish to provide us with your own completed artwork, please take extra care to ensure your files meet our artwork guidelines, available on our FAQ & Help website page, or in writing by request; and to check for errors. We can accept no responsibility for any errors, or post-production issues that may arise, due to artwork that is not wholly created by us. Any electronic proofs you receive are intended as a representation of layout and format only, and are not indicative of final print quality (for better or for worse). Colours and reproduction may vary from screen to print, from artwork to print, and between print runs; and unless colours are PMS-matched by specific request (and acceptance) at additional cost, cannot be guaranteed as accurate. Final artwork submitted to us should be created suitably for the printing and production methods we utilise, for the specific products being produced for you.

Individual business card range: online/emailed photographs, physical samples and specification choices: Please be aware that features of our Individual business card range e.g. (but not limited to) debossing and foiling, are heavily light-dependent, and the appearance, contrast, colour etc. of the features depends on many factors, including (but not limited to): lighting hitting the card/elements (in a photograph or in person), exact foil/features and card combination(s) chosen, and the artwork used. Your resulting card(s) may therefore vary from e.g. a photograph on our website or a different physical sample you have received, and depending on your exact artwork and chosen card/foil/features. If you’re unsure of the suitability of either your provided artwork, or your card/foil/feature choice(s), please contact us to arrange for a physical sample to be produced as part of your order (at additional cost), though this won’t always be possible. Due to the nature of the processes involved, and the bespoke nature of the materials used, card and foiling and debossing may naturally vary to within normal tolerances, between production runs, and from card to card.

More info specific to “Individual” orders: please be aware that the different card and foil colours, the combination thereof, and the specific artwork being used, can affect the results possible in terms of impression depth of foiling and/or debossing, quality of foiling and/or debossing, and so on. Coupled with the bespoke nature of the card and foil production, this means that your cards may vary to any samples you have received, or to any previous similar/identical orders you have placed, due to the nature of this bespoke product. Whilst it’s always our aim to produce high quality products; we reserve the right to amend our production methods – including (but not limited to) content, edging, finishing – from time to time without notice, so – unless specified by us or requested otherwise by you in writing – your future orders may, as our business and offerings develop, differ from your previous order(s).



12. Due to normal production limitations, exact order quantities cannot be guaranteed. To compensate for these production limitations, we over-print most orders with a higher quantity than requested, and you’ll therefore normally receive a higher number of usable business cards than you ordered. However, there are rare occasions when the usable number of business cards could be slightly lower than the quantity of cards you’ve ordered, for the same reason. We guarantee that this number will never be more than 5%. If you receive less than 95% of the quantity you’ve ordered, please contact us and we’ll promptly look into this for you.


Promotions and loyalty discounts

13. Any loyalty and/or promotional discounts mentioned are dependent on order nature, product and/or quantity, and may be time limited, or changed or stopped at any time, at our discretion. Please contact us for any current loyalty discount rates that may apply. Only one discount may be used per order. To qualify for any loyalty or promotional discount, you must email us at time of order, requesting your discount. Ultimate Business Cards reserves the right to withdraw, change or refuse acceptance of any offer at any time.



14. All images, logos, designs, content and intellectual property contained on this website that have been created by us, and in all communications where appropriate – electronic, physical and verbal – are ©2017 Aardwolf Creative (UK) Limited, unless stated otherwise. End product images/designs used throughout this website and in other literature may be a combination of first- and/or third-party designs/artwork from ourselves and/or our clients.


Job samples and promotional use of our previous work

15. As is standard industry practice – unless requested otherwise – samples, photographs and/or descriptions of our previous jobs may be used by us to demonstrate our previous work and products to potential and/or current clients (including in physical samples, photographs and/or descriptions, on our website(s) and/or elsewhere). If you’d like to request that e.g. your contact details are removed or obscured from any image, this is fine: please request this at the time you place your order.